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Basic preparedness and security are essential items that one should not ignore. Without going overboard, just make certain that you have an adequate set of basic tools and general supplies on hand no matter what the conditions.

First aid kits, extra toiletries, batteries, lanterns, candles, blankets, duct tape, hammers, saws, drills, and fasteners are a few examples of things that you always want handy, especially in emergencies.

The level of home security one wishes to attain is subjective and based upon several variables unique to the home, the people in it, and its location.

Basic stuff like keeping doors and windows locked are obvious. A complete home alarm system, stand-alone panic buttons, and motion sensor outdoor security lighting are some additional measures to consider.

It is always up to the individual, however, in our view; one does not need to spend thousands of dollars on a home security system with camera surveillance, monitoring fees and the like.

Think About This:

If perpetrators were preparing to break into your home in the dead of night, and upon stepping onto the properties perimeter, a set of extraordinarily bright motion detector lights lit up in concert with one or more barking dogs sounding like they’re mad as hell, how motivated to you think those perpetrators would be to continue onward with their plans. We suspect they would much rather pass upon your house and move on to a much easier target.

Below, we list several high-quality sources that we recommend you explore in order to check your way off to basic preparedness and security. How far you wish to take it is up to you, but make sure that you have the basics and then some.

Prudent Measures / Actionable Security Solutions:

Insofar as home security is concerned, there is no better first alert than that provided loyally, reliably, and lovingly by the family dogs.  They don’t have to be Pit Bulls or German Shepherds either.  Do yourself, your family, and your future friend-for-life a huge favor and adopt some dogs from a shelter today.  You can find every type of dog imaginable on PetFinder.  Select from their long list of free videos to learn more about adopting dogs.  Though slightly challenging at first, you will be extremely happy for making such a life-changing decision, and your home will be far more secure to boot.  As an aside, we have found that dogs adopted through shelters are more inclined to exhibit the protective reflex of barking at strangers vs. a store-bought puppy, or a puppy acquired from a breeder.  Dogs going to good homes as puppies are born with a bit of a silver spoon, and are more prone to becoming spoiled.  Unless you are willing to train and work with your dog to some extent, he or she may or may not have the inherent instinct to bark at strangers, the mail carrier, or odd noises.  In contrast, though somewhat challenging in their own right, shelter dogs have had a hard life, and have likely already learned a multitude of lessons, one of which is to bark when something doesn’t seem right.


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Doberman Security Products specializes in affordable, high quality security devices for everyday use.


Prudent Measures / Actionable Preparedness Solutions:

Can you take care of your family in an emergency?

Be Ready.  Be Prepared.


Emergency Bartering (from

When a disaster occurs, either a natural one, or a manmade one, supplies are likely to be cut-off or extremely limited in the affected area. When Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans in 2005, she not only devastated the city, she took away the supplies that the residents needed to survive. She took out the electrical systems as well—meaning that the residents that remained had to make do with the cash they had on hand to survive.

What do you do if you have no cash, but need supplies in the event of a disaster? You barter. The idea behind bartering is simple. You trade an item you have for one that you need. In everyday bartering, you can offer any number of products or services to bartering partners. If you are creative, you can make artwork, crafts, or other items to trade for the items you need. You could even offer services, such as house cleaning, copywriting, or consulting, to provide value for the people with whom you barter. Emergency bartering works the same way—but you will be offering items you have stashed away in exchange for the goods and services you may need to survive.

One of the challenges of bartering is determining the value of the items or services you offer, and matching them with the value of what you need. A good trade will involve an equal exchange of value. Keep in mind, though, that value can be subjective. If you create gift baskets, for example, these items may hold great value for people who need unique, personalized gifts for their friends, family members, or coworkers.

The value of what you need for yourself may also be subjective. If you need a written brochure for a candle making business, a good copywriter might be able to produce a compelling document in a matter of a few hours. Still, the finished brochure can be of high value to you, because it can help dramatically increase your sales.

As such, unique and immediate needs are the values your trades should be based on, rather than the actual amount of time and money you put into creating or acquiring various items for such trades.

One of the keys to successful bartering is finding out what people want or need, and how you can provide it.  In the event of a disaster or emergency of some type, if you have a lot of one item on hand, like bottled water, you should be able to trade this for items that you need, like gasoline, food, or a radio.

When you prepare an emergency kit for your home, consider adding extra supplies to barter with, or to share. If you are traveling and have an emergency, keep in mind that you may be able to barter for some of the items you need—many cultures are skilled in bartering, and trading is an accepted form of commerce in many parts of the world.

Bartering isn’t just for emergencies! In today’s tough economy, people are looking for creative ways to obtain the things they need or want while saving as much money as possible. If you have been searching for ways to reduce your household expenses, bartering can be a great option. Bartering allows you to get just about anything free – no matter what you need; chances are you can work out barter trade.


Though the list of tangible tradables is virtually unlimited, below are two additional items of interest that you may wish to consider acquiring for yourself and for bartering.


Usable and Tradable


When it comes to quality coffee, you can’t beat Starbucks. I personally favor their French and Italian Roast Blends.

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Pipe tobacco is an economical and great tasting alternative for making your own cigarettes. BnB sells a brand called Ohm-bold, which is my personal favorite. A 16oz bag makes up 2-cartons for around $14.00. That’s $7.00 a carton, which is less than a dollar a pack!

You will also need some RYO tubes to make the cigarettes, or have them available for those with whom you may be bartering. For full flavor kings, I like the Gambler tubes shown here.

Lastly, you will want to invest in some double shooters, which inject the tobacco into the tube filters. If you smoke, don’t go broke – start rolling your own. Like coffee, Tobacco is also an excellent investment for barter and trade.

The tubes run around $3.00 per carton, so your carton price with tobacco runs around $10.00 bucks plus shipping. Compare that with $30 - $95 per carton at the store, this is another no brainer. The Laramie Shooters sell for $9.99, and they last for several dozen cartons of production. Use BnB's search box convenient to find whatever you want.



Throughout this website, we refer to the phrase “Prudent Measures” as the most basic, rational, and common sense measures one should adopt if one wishes to secure a minimal level assurance for their family’s essential safety, health, security, finances, and well-being.

Within a modestly planned budget that is within ones means, review and research each of the page tab recommendations and decide for yourself what you would consider necessary and prudent measures for you and your family.


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In parting for now, let us embrace, remember, and heed the sage advice as presented by our esteemed Benjamin Franklin who advises us to:

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