Gold & Silver

After insuring that you have ample food reserves, alternative power sources, effective security, and defense strategies to protect all of your property, the most essential wealth-building component to assure and safeguard your life-savings against total destruction is the acquisition of sufficient amounts of gold and silver.

Nobody knows gold and silver better than Mike Maloney, the founder of  In October 2012, we recently added another 500-ounces of silver to our existing stockpiles, which we’ve been building with for several years now.

Mike and his team of specialists are the very best. They have effectively simplified the process of acquiring gold and silver for the average person. All you need to do is create an account, fill your cart, and place your orders.
Upon accruing purchases of 500+ ounces of silver or 10+ ounces of gold, you will gain FREE access to Mike’s INSIDER videos and market updates (a $1700 value), which will keep you up to speed on critical buying and selling opportunities. If you’re not purchasing those quantities, or even if your are, you can also join Elliott Wave Technology’s Long-Term Trend Monitor for Gold and Silver for just $99 per year.
How much gold and silver do you need?
Ten to twenty percent of your entire net worth (total assets less total liabilities) is the bare minimum dollar-amount of gold and silver that one should own.