COMING ATTRACTIONS: We thought it prudent to introduce our otherwise disturbing playlist of documentaries with a rather inspirational short by Adam Kokesh of His film short speaks for itself.    Enjoy…

Inspirational Optimism


WARNING: Many of these documentaries are as addicting as they are alarming. Once you see one that you like, you will want to see more and more until you have finally seen everything of relevant quality that you can get your hands on. Take your time getting through this list, and take some time between each film to give further thought and research as to sources, truthfulness, and reliability of all material presented. If you do not awaken after the first two or three films, you will never wake up.

Prudent Measures Documentary Playlist


Numbers Don’t Lie

WARNING: This may freak people out a little, but it’s an amazing way to tell if you might be one of the globalist sociopath parasites infesting the planet:



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In parting for now, let us embrace, remember, and heed the sage advice as presented by our esteemed Benjamin Franklin who advises us to: