Food Reserves

Throughout this website, we refer to the phrase “Prudent Measures” as the most basic, rational, and common sense measures one should adopt if one wishes to secure a minimal level assurance for their essential safety, health, security, finances, and well-being, along with providing similar assurances for their close friends and family.

No matter the quantity of hundred-dollar-bills, gold-bars, or guns one has, if one does not have immediate access to a long-term stable supply of nutritious food reserves, one will find oneself extremely vulnerable, leaving themselves and their families exposed to unnecessary risks.

Think About This:
  • What would you do if you arrived at the grocery store to find many of the shelves empty due a supply disruption?
  • How would you feel if the cost of your weekly trip to the grocery store suddenly doubled, tripled or quintupled due to an acute onset of rampant price inflation or a prolonged disruption in supply chains?
Given the extreme and unsustainable levels of monetary disorder deeply embedded within the current global financial system, episodes of rampant price inflation will persist in presenting ongoing threats to food supplies and rapidly rising prices.

Prudent Measure / Actionable Solution:
After exhaustive research, we have found that eFoods Direct is the most reliable and best source for acquiring a supply of long-term storable food either all-at-once, or by building-up over time; a highly nutritious and incredibly delicious supply of dependable, easy to store, easy to prepare, and cost-effective food reserves.
  • Options:
Whether you want to stock up fast with a year’s supply of reserves for the whole family, or if you want to build-up a gradual supply of reserves over time, eFoods Direct is the absolute best solution.
Another Prudent Measure and another No Brainer
This food is delicious, nutritious, completely organic, and contains no GMO’s or harmful preservatives. It is better tasting and far less expensive than any high-end prepared food available at gourmet grocers. It is the perfect low-cost solution to acquiring and building a reliable, prudent supply of readily accessible and easy-to-prepare food for the entire family.

Within a modestly planned budget that is within ones means, we strongly encourage each of our readers to thoroughly review, research, and consider the prudent recommendations found within each of the page tabs, and decide for yourself what you would consider necessary and prudent measures for you and your family.   Be sure to check our bonus page for some general budgetary and planning guidelines for all of the Prudent Measures we recommend.
In parting for now, let us embrace, remember, and heed the sage advice as presented by our esteemed Benjamin Franklin who advises us to: