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Tangible Assurance
Our bonus page intends to provide an actionable summary of Prudent Measures that readers should pursue seriously if they wish to attain a prudent level of essential assurances for themselves and their families.

We begin with a telling chart illuminating the root cause of all the world’s problems, which rests upon what governments have imposed upon us as a means of exchange, and deceitfully characterize as money, or a reliable store of value.

Fiat currency is indeed the legal medium of exchange across the globe, but by no measure is it a reliable store of value, and the fact that fiat currency is an instrument of debt, one can effectively argue as to whether or not it is actually “money.”

The above ratio chart illustrates the United States dollar denominated price of gold relative to the unit value of the Dow Jones Industrial average. As the US holds the worlds reserve fiat trade currency, by extension, the chart is reflective of the entire world’s current state and projected trajectory of virtually assured economic and political collapse.

In technical terms, the graph above illustrates how many units of the Dow it takes to buy one ounce of Gold. Simply stated in other words, the graph shows which asset (gold or the Dow) is performing and projected to perform better than the other.

As the graph shows, through 1999, the Dow trounced gold until it became alarmingly clear to a sufficient number of market participants that the Ponzi-scheme had reached it pinnacle. Since bottoming in 1999, gold has been trouncing the Dow, and it has a long, long way to go before it’s all said and done.

Quite obviously, Gold remains extremely UNDER-valued relative to the future value of debt-based fiat paper claims thought to reside in the valuation measures of the Dow Jones Industrial average.

In addition to monitoring the VIX, which is another means by which to track the efforts of a corrupt Fed and Treasury, we present the Dow Gold ratio-charts to provide a real-time measure in monitoring REALITY vs. the Ponzi charade otherwise known as the global debt-based fiat currency system of political economics.

The question is neither if nor when, but rather one of how quickly the Dow-Gold ratio will reach an inevitable parity of one-to-one. This could mean an inflationary Dow at 20,000 with Gold at $20,000 per ounce, or a deflationary Dow 3,000 with Gold at $3,000 per ounce.

Either way, the writing is on the wall and the VIX along with our “As the World Turns” chart above shall be your faithful guide in tracking the rate and velocity at which this epic inevitability shall manifest.

The chart below is the same as the one above only inverse. Instead of illustrating how many units of the Dow can purchase one ounce of gold, it shows how many ounces of gold it takes to purchase one unit of the Dow.

As such, the ratio chart below better depicts the ongoing collapse of fiat paper-based debt instruments far more clearly than the first chart, which better projects a visual picture of the velocity in which the price of gold is likely rise within the next ten years. The 1:1 ratio target is the same for both measures.

Adopting Prudent Measures is all about empowering your freedom-loving and truth-seeking nature with actionable means to assure your safety, sovereignty, and for preserving your hard-earned wealth. The bonus page wraps it all up with a handy worksheet assistant to help you more accurately define and layout your plans.

Building a portfolio of Tangible Assets is the first step toward self-reliance and preserving ones wealth in both good times and bad. Next, we will define tangible assurance and review the types of assets that may comprise a Tangible Asset Assurance Portfolio.

Building a Tangible Asset Assurance Portfolio


  • Tangible - able to be touched – actual – able to be realized – something that has a physical form, especially a financial asset
  • Assurance – confidence in personal ability or status – certainty – freedom from uncertainty – making something certain

What is a tangible asset?

Tangible assets are actual possessions of real goods and resources that bare no counter party risk. They are immediately and readily available and provide for an enduring means of preserving wealth and assuring survival and self-reliance in the absence or breach of common-law and/or economic order.

This means food reserves in storage - cash, gold, and silver in safes – back-up power on hand, and firearms at the ready for self-defense. Each of these precious resource assurances should be available in ample abundance and about your person and property in both good times and bad.

Below we have provided a static screen shot of our Tangible Asset Assurance worksheet.  Click here to download and save the excel file and begin working out your own customized (TAAP) plan today.

  Download Worksheet


We will leave you with one last bonus playlist, which will wake you up to the hidden meaning behind the political catch phrase “sustainable development.” The green movement and climate change cheerleaders may mean well, however, we suspect many goodhearted people seeking to do the right thing have absolutely no clue as to the underlying subversive elements driving the agenda.

The document protocols they are implementing RIGHT NOW at the local level reveals the subversive heinous intent lying beneath the surface of these movements, and they arise from the very framework from which they spawned, AGENDA-21.

Globalist United Nations: Agenda-21 Playlist


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In parting, let us embrace, remember, and heed the sage advice as presented by our esteemed Benjamin Franklin who advises us all to: