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With the myriad of escalating uncertainties in our world, it is natural to consider buying a gun. We found three exceptionally good articles written on this topic. The first is from Sunni and the Conspirators website:

So You’re Thinking of Buying a Gun

Many people are buying guns; they are doing so to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. It is not a bad idea, but before you make that move, you should learn as much as you can about guns so you can make an informed choice.

Guns are among the most misunderstood items around. If you listen to some gun control advocates, guns are the embodiment of evil. If you listen to some gun owners, every person in the country ought to carry a firearm, all the time. In reality, the truth is somewhere between these positions.

A gun is a tool. It is morally neutral. A gun can be an instrument of evil, when a rapist uses a gun to force compliance with his vile act. A gun can be an instrument of good, when the sight of one stops some thugs from attacking an elderly woman.

What happens with a gun depends on the intent of the person using the tool. Just as with any other tool, if a person is not prepared to use it, mistakes and accidents can happen--but with a firearm, they can have deadly consequences. To use these tools of self-protection well, you must choose carefully, and train yourself in their proper use. You can read the rest of this article posted by Sunni and the Conspirators by clicking here.

Buying Your First Handgun

By Dick Clark

Okay, so something has finally tipped the scales of your judgment in favor of acquiring your first handgun. Maybe you know someone recently victimized by a criminal. Maybe you have a new family and feel the urge to make yourself ready to protect them. Whatever the reason, you have decided to buy a handgun. Here's how to do it.


For most United States citizens, purchasing a handgun is as simple as going to your local gun store, choosing a particular gun to buy, showing photo I.D., filling out the background check form, and then paying for the gun upon approval from NICS (usually instantaneous, but may take as long as three days).

There are a few states where this procedure is more cumbersome due to some requirement imposed by statute. To check your state's particular rules, simply ask a local gun dealer or refer to Each state's rules vary, so I won't cover them here, but some states restrict not only who may purchase and possess a handgun, but what particular models are permitted for such possession within that state.

Restrictions may apply to so-called "assault pistols," those that are capable of accepting high-capacity magazines (usually 10+), or those that the state may classify as "Saturday Night Specials." Read the balance of this article at

Buying your first gun. Here’s How.

From the

What are you going to do? Are you going to rush out and buy one? And will you buy some ammo when you get the gun? Are you just going to head out to the range and start shooting? Figure it out as you go?

Buying a firearm is a huge decision, and one that can have far-ranging implications. Many people, like myself, grew up hunting and introduced to firearms at an early age. I was shooting a BB gun by the time I was 4 years old, and I received a bolt-action Remington .22 for Christmas when I was 6. I routinely walked out the back door and into the woods and hunted rabbits and squirrels by the time I was 8 or so. Read the balance of this article at the

Good gun information links:

Beretta site
Colt site
Glock site
Mossberg site
Remington site
Rossi site
Savage site
Sig Arms site
Springfield site
Taurus site
Winchester site


  • Consider your needs before buying a firearm
  • Try different kinds of guns to see what you like best
  • Try different calibers to find the most powerful one you can consistently handle
  • Handguns are the most portable and most effective defensive firearms for most civilian purposes
  • Revolvers are easier to use than pistols, but carry fewer rounds
  • Shotguns are more powerful than handguns, but have more limited defensive uses
  • Rifles are the best choice for long-range defensive purposes
  • A used firearm can be a very good choice; have it checked out by a professional gunsmith before buying


No matter which type of firearm you select, you should consider carefully where and how you would store it, and how you will learn to operate and safely maintain it.


Prudent Measures / Actionable HOME & PERSONAL DEFENSE Solutions:




Remington and Mossberg are two of the most popular brands of shotguns. There are numerous models to choose from starting from around $300.

shotgun ammo


Handguns also start at around $300 and up.

glock handgun ammo


Not only is building a sufficient stockpile of quality ammo prudent, but it also makes for a high-value tradable in bartering.

bulk ammo

Advanced Weaponry for Civilians

Throughout this website, we refer to the phrase “Prudent Measures” as the most basic, rational, and common sense measures one should adopt if one wishes to secure a minimal level assurance for their family’s essential safety, health, security, finances, and well-being.

Within a modestly planned budget that is within ones means, review and research each of the page tab recommendations and decide for yourself what you would consider necessary and prudent measures for you and your family.


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